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The story of Mist Stockholm began in the heart of Stockholm. The idea was born from a passion of makeup and a challenge, which is often the most important ingredient behind any novel idea.

It all started in 2000 with Shaul Moalem, a dedicated makeup artist who faced a real-life challenge! He couldn't find enough high-quality beauty products in the right shades for his clients. The color variants were limited too! Frustrated by the lack of choices, he decided to create his own solution and founded the brand, Mist Stockholm.

For over two decades, Mist Stockholm has proudly embodied Swedish ingenuity and remained fiercely independent, becoming a one-stop solution for makeup artists and cosmetologists seeking superior products.

Dedicated to embracing diversity, Mist Stockholm flaunts over 800 meticulously crafted colors to celebrate the beauty of every shade, tone, and undertone. After all, why should choosing the perfect foundation be as hard as solving a Rubik's Cube?

At Mist Stockholm, we always prioritize customer health and well-being. We offer a range of cruelty-free and vegan options, ensuring ethical practices that uphold animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

However, Mist Stockholm's appeal extends beyond makeup artists. Many parents associate our brand with comfort, knowing that their kids use products that prioritize quality and safety above all else.

We believe beauty knows no boundaries and prioritize beauty for all ages. With over 400 products, we offer a wide range of shades for all skin types and undertones. 

Whether you're a seasoned makeup artist, a discerning parent, or simply someone who values beauty with a conscience, Mist Stockholm invites you to embrace a new standard of beauty—one that celebrates diversity, quality, and compassion.

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